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Meet the Team 
Your health and well being is an intricate part of how we operate Scituate Harbor Chiropractic (SHC), on a day-to-day basis. You will find that upon entering our office, the smiles and warm welcomes of Dr. Scott and her staff, Agnes Kane and Tracey Harlow greet you. Their professionalism reflects a common, over-all goal of wanting you to feel relaxed and comfortable beginning with your very first visit.

Christina Scott, D.C.
Dr. Christina Scott is a 1996 Graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Dr. Scott’s focus is on the relationship between chiropractic care and pregnancy, natural childbirth, breast-feeding and parenting. 

“I believe chiropractic care should begin during pregnancy and continue after birth and throught life.  The chiropractic wellness lifestlye includes making informed health care decisions.  It is improtant to understand that chiropractic is not the treatment of conditions, but the reduction of interference to the body’s nervous system.  This allows wider range of motion and greater function, for an improved quality of life.”

Dr. Scott was trained in the Bradley Method of natural childbirth, and is a La Leche League Leader.

Tracey Harlow 
Certified Chiropractic Assistant
Tracey began working at Scituate Harbor Chiropractic in September 2001 with her main responsibility being managing the insurance department. She also assists Dr. Scott with x-ray processing and supportive therapies such as ultrasound and power plate therapies.

“Before joining Scituate Harbor Chiropractic, I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 17 years.  I had been under chiropractic care with Dr. Scott since October 2000.  As I continually learn more about chiropractic care, I realize it is not just back pain, neck pain, or really about pain at all. Chiropractic is total wellness because the overall goal is to take care of your nervous system, which is the crucial component of what runs your body.

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