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As a real estate professional I am hired to represent my clients in the purchase or sale of residential and commercial property. I advocate for my clients throughout the sales transaction. I work with sellers to determine the present market value of their home or business and customize a marketing plan that suits both the client and the property. I make professional recommendations on the required preparations in order to sell the property. My goal is to obtain the best possible return on your investment. I will secure qualified buyers & represent the seller in negotiating the best possible price. Once a contract is accepted I facilitate all parties involved in the transaction on behalf of the seller until the sale is complete. When representing a buyer I begin with helping them secure financing. I will recommend a mortgage expert from a trusted financial institution to advise and guide the buyer through the mortgage process. Once a mortgage approval has been secured we will begin our search process. We will preview all relevant properties based on need, desire and availably to determine just the right home. I will research the selected property and represent the buyer in negotiating the best purchase price. I coordinate inspections, attorney review, appraisal and the mortgage commitment process. I assist and advise with all that is required until the purchase is complete.​

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